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Fantastic furniture for every furnishing style from antique to modern. Inviting sofas and armchairs in light linens or in stronger shades, comfortable wood stools and oriental poufs, large coffee tables, foldable side tables or small bistro tables with a French flair, beautifully painted cabinets and chests made from mango or rosewood, and spacious chests of drawers in colonial style – our furniture collection fulfils all your interior designing desires. The high-quality craftsmanship of our furniture guarantees that each piece will last a lifetime.  

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Upholstered furniture

High quality upholstered furniture in classic and modern designs.

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Stylish, useful und comfortable - seating by Brigitte von Boch.

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Versatile and unique tables from massive wood or noble metals.

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Cabinets & chests of drawers

High quality cabinets, attractive chests of drawers and useful chests for your personal ambience.

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Shelves & racks

Live in style with our unique racks and storage solutions!


The furniture at Brigitte von Boch is timelessly classic that allows itself to match perfectly into any home and any interior design style. If you like the Scandinavian interior design style then you will love our 2 and 3-seater sofas with clear cut shapes and bright covers. Go for colonial style with dark wood shelves, a rattan table and leather chairs or the simple rustic look with a bright limed-oak kitchen table. And for retro-style lovers, take a look at our chairs and sofas with graphic black and white patterns. For a taste of the orient, we have chairs, loungers and chests with traditional kilim covers and low-sized side tables. We also have many smaller items of furniture in our collection such as valets, folding stools, shelves, racks and console tables.

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