Blazers and Frock Coats

The high-quality blazers & jackets by Brigitte von Boch take you right through the entire year. In summer, feel fabulous in breezy linen blazers or lightweight jersey, seersucker and cotton jackets. Tweed, bouclé, corduroy or velvet variations make great transitional jackets during the changing of the seasons. On colder days, you can rely on a wool coat and similar pieces. Complete your eveningwear collection with our dressy and elegant silk jackets, waistcoats, boleros and frock coats – so when that invitation for a glamorous gala, an evening in a nice restaurant or the theatre arrives, you have your ideal outfit to hand. Go in style for a cocktail at a trendy bar with fashionable long blazers, bright coloured jackets or a jacket with an unusual cut and all-over prints. For a relaxing city stroll, lunch with good friends or a Sunday stroll in the park, our broad selection offers you everything from check tweed blazers to sporty but feminine jackets to timeless country style frock coats. And of course, you will also find many classic blazers & jackets that you can wear to business meetings and other official events. 

The materials, cuts, colours and designs of our blazers & jackets make them the ideal for combining with your key pieces. Try a casual corduroy blazer with jeans and knitwear, a noble velvet jacket with a dress, or an elegant frock coat over wide fit trousers. Of course, you will also find trouser suits here and the classic outfit: a flattering pencil skirt or slim fit trousers with a matching blazer - whether twill, corduroy, cotton, velvet or poplin, a stylish appearance is guaranteed! And bring out the best in your jacket or blazer with our fashion accessories. Combine your blazer or jacket with a colourful scarf, the perfect handbag or with a matching hat – there is no limit to your freedom and sense of fun when it comes to your creating your look!

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