The possibilities are endless with knitwear – that’s why we love it! Discover our knitted sweaters, T-shirts and dresses, scarves, hats, and gloves. However, it does not end there; browse our knitted pillows, blankets and even rugs and lampshades. No wonder versatile knitted pieces made from cotton, viscose, wool and modal and other materials have had such a presence in fashion and have even made it onto the catwalk. Lovers of knitwear can find plenty of choice on Brigitte von Boch. There are elegant knitted sweaters with pearl details, classic wool sweaters for autumn and winter, stylish knitted tops in bright colours and striking scarves made from light summer wool. Our knitwear is particularly comfortable to wear, it keeps its shape and, depending on the combination of materials, it is easy to care for and some pieces are even machine washable. You will not find knitwear only in our fashion collection but also in our fashion accessories, homeware and textiles departments.

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