No other pieces of jewellery are as versatile as brooches and pins because they give blazers and blouses, jackets and coats, shirts and tops, pullovers, cardigans and sweaters a delightful lift. However, besides the more obvious uses of these great accessories they have so much more potential! Give your handbag or your favourite hat an edge with a feather pin or use a sparkling brooch to tie your scarves. For the latest brooch trick, try brooches with original motifs on trouser and skirt waistbands or on the sleeve of your jacket for a sophisticated touch. Find the perfect charming jewellery boxes on Brigitte von Boch where you can keep these accessories safe. Although, the pieces are so decorative they would even be stunning on a side table or dressing table! Our online shop is certified by the Trusted Shop seal to ensure a secure shopping experience.

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