Put the icing on the cake in an instant with elaborate bracelets and bangles. Need inspiration? For blouses, shirts and tops in trendy nude and powder tones, try bangles with marvellous precious stones in delicate crystal colours or bright turquoise, emerald green and ruby red. With fitted fine-knit sweaters or plain long-sleeved shirts, try wide bracelets made from hammered golden brass and with big flower motifs, dainty chain bracelets with pendants or charms – or a charm bracelet or several thin bracelets in gold and silver. For tunics and dresses in an ethnic look, try Asian-inspired charm bracelets with dragon or elephant motifs, or unusual hardwood bangles with fine crystals. These are also wonderful as a present for a loved one. Individually created parcels with other jewellery pieces or accessories such as a silk scarf or a handbag work a treat!