Furniture such as tables, sofas, chairs, cabinets and chest of drawers are usually invested in for longer periods, but you can indulge yourself in the beauty of allowing your desires, mood and the seasons to be reflected in your home with our homeware items. You will find plenty of inspiration in the homeware world at Brigitte von Boch: table lamps, hanging lights and floor lamps shed new light on your home; ceramic and glass figurines and statues give a pretty touch to sideboards and side tables; luxurious bedding and soft blankets bring style and a sense of cosiness to your bedroom. Beautiful tablecloths, fine silver cups, mother of pearl spoons, butter dishes, fine jugs and carafes will make the family meals and dinner with friends special experiences. Fancy door stops, coat hangers and wall hooks that do not just make every day more beautiful but also easier. Vintage Christmas decorations and Christmas pendants in gold, silver and colourful glass are sure to bring the advent period right into the house. Allow Easter decorations to signal the arrival of spring. Who knows, maybe your home has been waiting for a new look!

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