Dear Friend of the Brigitte von Boch Collection,

Thank you for your interest in the Brigitte von Boch VIP-Program*
Our VIP-customers enjoy a number of complimentary benefits
like 3% off your purchases or exclusive offers like VIP Preshopping via email.
The VIP-Program is for free!
CLICK HERE to download the terms and conditions an all benefits as a pdf. We look forward to your next order and hope you enjoy your Brigitte von Boch VIP Status!

Best regards
Oliver von Boch

* The VIP Program equates to the former Brigitte von Boch loyalty card. Owners of the loyalty card achieve the VIP-staus automatically.

Achieve the VIP Status!

If you would like to join our VIP-Program just write us an email with your customer ID
If you are a new customer for Brigitte von Boch or a current customer who has not yet registered for our online shop, you can register for the online shop HERE and and request the VIP-Status with your customer-ID.