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The Brigitte von Boch label stands for modern style born out of tradition. Design, form, colours, and materials have been the sum and substance of our family and a fundamental part of our daily lives for hundreds of years. This living style combined with personal impressions from around the world comprises the face of the Brigitte von Boch collection. Our home is the Linslerhof—located where Germany meets the borders of France and Luxembourg...our identity and our designs are cosmopolitan, international, and individual. Each season, we gather inspiration from our travels and consolidate them into an authentic collection that is produced by master craftsmen all over the world. Our design is based on the classic style of Country / Urban living that has shaped us and is—in essence—timeless. We combine this essence with a tradition of craftsmanship, contemporary style, and modern colours. We work with natural, fine, and long-lasting materials that have an unmistakable charm and that grow even more beautiful over time. Our collections are designed exclusively for you with the hope that together we can continue to make life more aesthetically pleasing.
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The history of the Brigitte von Boch label began in 1998. In keeping with his family’s tradition, Oliver von Boch founded the company with the vision of a contemporary lifestyle brand in mind, naming it after his mother. At this point in time, the family-owned Linslerhof estate was transformed into a luxury hotel and Brigitte von Boch became a brand. The company’s ideas and inspirations for home decor and interior design had become the basis of a successful book series, paving the way for the launch of the Brigitte von Boch Living magazine in 2000 and the first Brigitte von Boch collection is distributed worldwide from the Linslerhof. Today, the collection is sold around the clock at the Brigitte von Boch online shop: bevonboch.com.

Together with his wife Dina, Oliver von Boch is responsible for all of the development, design, and marketing of the entire Brigitte von Boch Collection which includes fashion, jewellery, accessories, and furniture.