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SHELVES AND RACKS by Brigitte von Boch - bevonboch

Pretty but practical shelves, racks and storage units to make a house a home! Large wall-mounted shelves, wallboards and bookshelves, vintage hanging shelves, DVD and CD shelves, clever desk unit organisers, valets, classic wall console tables and racks – make even more space in your home! Our storage units, racks and shelves are not only incredibly useful, but also complement any interior with their stylish design.

  • Higgins Valet Stand
    Higgins Valet Stand
    Valet Stand

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Before you can blink twice things begin to pile up in your living room, home office, kitchen and bedroom. So, obviously, the tidying-up needs to be done – but where can you put all those things? We have the solution! Give yourself more storage and more space with shelves, wallboards, console tables, racks, valets, luggage stands and other clever storage units. Our beautifully designed pieces also transform your walls into great presentation areas. Display your family photos in style on curved rustic wood shelves. Highlight your special ceramic ornaments or beautiful candleholders on a baroque-style console table. Stock the vintage hanging shelf in the kitchen with oil and vinegar in pretty bottles and aromatic herbs in cute cachepots.

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