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GLOVES by Brigitte von Boch - bevonboch

Gorgeous gloves for women made from high quality leather or soft knit. Be perfect right to your fingertips with our delicate leather gloves, warm knitted gloves and colourful mittens. Choose from soft suede or elegant leather, chunky or fine knit with cashmere, fur-lined for the cold winter days or unlined with decorative embroidery for those milder days.

  • Juniper Gloves Blue
    Juniper Gloves Blue
    Knitted Gloves with goat leather trimmings

    59,00 € 49,00 €

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  • Morningside Gloves Pink/Purple
    Morningside Gloves Pink/Purple
    Colourful Gloves with Faux Furr Trimming

    29,00 €

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  • Trinity Wool Gloves Purple
    Trinity Wool Gloves Purple
    Warm Gloves

    29,00 € 15,00 €

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  • Penycae Gloves
    Penycae Gloves
    Knitted Mittens

    35,00 € 15,00 €

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  • Ardin Knitted Gloves Mauve
    Knitted Mittens

    35,00 € 19,00 €

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Gloves are absolute must haves for every woman – and not only for winter. Of course, you will find warm knitted gloves and matching hats in our range as well as scarves and knitwear for the first snowball fight of the year. But you will also find the perfect dressy gloves made from suede, smooth goatskin and cowhide leather that go wonderfully with our frock coats, spring blazers, skirts and with our tweed and cord trousers. Together with a matching handbag, you can create a modern country look or a classic urban look. Our gloves are made to be flexible and to fit any hand comfortably.

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