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GIFT IDEAS & SPECIAL ITEMS by Brigitte von Boch - bevonboch

Gorgeous gift ideas, unique home accessories and practical little helpers! Cute soft toys, rocking horses, and piggy banks for the little ones; elegant photo albums, vintage paperweights and notebooks for the home-office; enamelled candle snuffers and novel nutcrackers for the dinner table on festive days. You will find large and small gifts for your loved ones. As well as that, we have many practical well thought out little things to make your everyday life a little bit easier.

  • Efigie Picture Frame
    Oval Picture Frame witht strass & black enamel

    49,00 €

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  • Quadro Picture Frame
    Rectangular Picture Frame with strass and light brown enamel

    49,00 € 39,00 €

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  • Bulldog Door Stopper
    Bulldog Door Stopper
    Door Stopper in form of a Bulldog

    69,00 € 49,00 €

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  • Hippo Plush Toy small
    Hippo Plush Toy small
    Small Pluss Hippo

    19,50 € 5,00 €

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  • Hippo Plush Toy big
    Hippo Plush Toy big
    Big Plush Hippo

    21,00 € 5,00 €

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  • Piombino Photo Album
    Piombino Photo Album
    Photo Album

    65,00 € 49,00 €

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You are bound to find the perfect gift to bring joy to your family or friends. We have cheerful cuddly toys and unique toys for children’s birthdays as well as everyday little helpers such as fancy door stops and table accessories for a housewarming gift or just a small gift when visiting friends. Maybe we have the exact homeware accessory that you have been looking for so long! Our online shop bevonboch.com is certified by the Trusted Shop seal to ensure a secure shopping experience. On top of that, you can return any products free of charge within 14 days without the need to specify the reason for the return.

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